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Launch of the candidacy 2024


28th Sea Games

SINGAPORE from 5 to 16 june 2015

Youth and Women Championships of Petanque

BANGKOK (Thailand)

Confederation Mondial Sport Boules


The Sport Boules in mourning

ROMA (Italy)

Executive Committee FFP-JP

NIZZA (France) 10-12 april

Boules Sport will be present


Worlds and continentals Championships schedule - 2015


The pétanque workshop of Claude Raluy (C.I.E.P.) open for all!

UBULODROM Únětice (Prague, Czech.rep.), end of february

Candidats fo EC F.I.P.J.P.

Elections in Nice, 23.1.2015

Homepage F.I.P.J.P.


** New web site of FIPJP

International Federation of Pétanque and Provencal game (F.I.P.J.P.)

was created in 1958 and has around 600 000 licensed players

in 94 national federations from 5 continents.







 The FIPJP is a worldwide organisation of licensed players for Petanque and the game Provençal - two similar sports which have a shared modern history.

In 2007 the sport of petanque celebrated it's 100th birthday, its origins are based on the game Provençal from which the principals of the game were established: the ambience, the team spirit, emotion and pleasure. Petanque has graciously taken all of these assets and used them to conquer the world. Today, petanque is the most popular of all boules sports. There are nearly 600,000 licensed players and many more people who simply play for pleasure.

It's also thanks to the game's exceptional popularity and the work of the FIPJP, that petanque is played at the World Games, the Asian Games, the Mediterranean Games, the Pacific Games and so on...

The FIPJP is also a founding member of the Confederation Mondial Sport Boules (CMSB 1985) which works to have the sport, along with other boules sports, included in the Olympic Games. In 1986 petanque was recognised by the International Olympic Committee (C.I.O.).

You can find out more information about petanque by visiting other areas of this site or Facebook.